Beating the Competition at the BGO Casino


There was a poker and craps tournament being held at the BGO Casino and I wanted to get in on all the action. I was confident I could hold my own against all the competition signing up to compete in both tournaments. I knew I could beat anyone who ever stepped foot at the BGO Casino and I signed up to compete in both tournaments. BGO is a Paypal casino. They would be in roughly one week so I would have plenty of time to strategize how I would play during the poker and craps tournaments. The casino actually decided to have a fun competition to make the tournaments more interesting. Since a recycling company was sponsoring both tournaments, each participant could earn points to go towards the tournaments by recycling with the sponsor company. The company was called Beat the Rest Recycling and they were sponsoring both tournaments and the recycling competition was their idea. It was to be used as an incentive to get all the participants to recycle more. Our community had a problem with recycling so Beat the Rest Recycling was trying to step up their game to get involved within the communities to manage the recycling issue.



The way the competition was structured, a participant earned points for the amount of pounds in recyclable materials they turned in to the recycling weigh station located inside the casino. The more points each participant earned the more rewards they could use to go towards both tournaments. This could be utilized towards getting higher seeds, playing in more preferable time slots, and earning a higher seed in the tournament. The program turned out to be quite a success as many individuals were eagerly trying to secure a place within both tournaments at the BGO Casino. Each tournament filled its maximum number of players which was 100. I successfully signed up for both of them on time. I thought I might lose a spot seeing how quickly people were lining up to sign up for each tournament. Fortunately, I managed to sign up in time for both of them and I participated heavily in the recycling program to earn points. I gained much respect for the BGO Casino as they were doing their part in protecting the environment with the recycling program.

The only thing I could focus on all week was the poker and craps tournaments and the $25,000 prize for each of the winners. I wanted to put all my energy into both of them as I was determined to win every game I played. I sharpened my skills as it had been a couple months since I had played either game. My wife and her parents played against me in practice games so I have some experience going into the tournament games. I was excited when the day came to begin the tournaments. I had a strong feeling I could take home at least one if not both of the BGO Casino’s big grand prizes. I finished fourth in the recycling program so I earned a solid number of points heading into the tournaments.

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